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Monday, October 5, 2009

Bookish Pursuits Review Rating System

Reviews are subjective and everyone reviews differently. I read and review books for pleasure. I enjoy reading a variety of genre such as young-adult, romance, classics, mystery, fantasy, and historical fiction. I will be reviewing all the books I read and will be as honest when giving reviews. If a book was not so good, I will post my opinions in a constructive manner. The below is the uniform system that I follow when giving ratings to the books I read.

- Books given the 5 star rating are the books I felt were incredibly special and among the best books I've read. It contains the perfect ingredients that would make the book in my Desert Isle Keeper List. Engrossing and captivating story, exceptional and well-rounded characters with solid execution. A book I would recommend to fellow booklovers.

- Highly recommended and a thoroughly engrossing read. Solid execution of plot, rich and interesting character and exceptional style of writing. Have one or two flaws that can be overlooked. Still a definite favorite but not a five star standout.

- Highly entertaining and very well-paced. The theme of the story worked but may be lacking in one of the three: characterization, narrative, or narrative. But still an enjoyable read.

- Books that are very average and not memorable enough. A reasonably pleasant read, but could have been better. The flaws can be overlooked but it has prevented me from totally being immersed into the story.

- Undoubtedly, has some good points but I really didn’t enjoy it. The negatives begin to outweigh the positives and I had some problems with the elements of the book that begins to mar my enjoyment.

- Books that I finished out of sheer determination. Have very few redeeming qualities and is overall lacking in departments such as characterization, plot, narrative and writing. Starting to go beyond mediocre into bad.

- Not only did I actively dislike it but I had real trouble thinking of any redeeming qualities if there is any at all. Books that are barely readable. Had major plot holes and lacked literary merit and with characters that I couldn’t relate to. Books that I didn’t finish would also be classified under this category.